On 12th and 13th April, 2023, The Borderland Leadership School privileged to provide 2 days team building program to Swisscontact Nepal’s staff members in their Country Retreat Program at Gokarna Forest Resort, Thali. In total 117 participants from all 7 province of Nepal were gathered in one place. The main objective of this program was to provide the retreat to the staff and provide the team building training to bring everyone together as a one team. The team building activities were planned in such a way that all the participants get the opportunity to know each other with the fun time.  

The various tone setting, ice breaking, energizer and team building activities were presented to the participants which they must do it in a group. These team building activities touched upon constructive communication, working together in a one team, strengthen relationship and built trust among the other members. This program also enhance the team work, self – awareness and understanding of self reflection. 

The active participation of every individual, their high-level of energy and focus to get the work done in a challenging environment was indeed remarkable. We heartily appreciate the exciting participation and team work of the Swisscontact Nepal team.