On 8th Sep, 2023, the team building program for the Triad Asia Pvt. Ltd. was facilitated by the Borderlands Leadership School. The program was conducted at Chandragiri Hills Resort, Chandragiri with the presence of 18 staff members of the Triad Asia. The main objective of the program was to build the trust between the staffs. The specific objectives were to enhance the communication, team work and coordination of the members and to know how to balance their work and family life. 

Before starting the program, Mr. Sudhan Lamsal, senior facilitator introduced the Borderlands, its team and described about the modality of the program to the participants. Different problem solving activities with the theme of trust, communication and coordination were given to the participants. They have enthusiastically participated in all the activities during the program. At the end of the every activities the debrief session was done and talked what they have learnt from the activity. They shared that they have learned how to do an effective communication, importance of the trusting each other, building leadership, believe in the change and support positive changes in the work place and balancing work and family life for successful career. 

Borderlands Leadership School heartily appreciate the excited participation and team work of the Triad Asia and hope they can get success in their future endeavor.