The Umbrella Organization Nepal has organized Umbrella Reunion Symposium 2023 from 8th to 9th Dec at the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort for their former students. The Borderlands facilitated the Team building activities for the 90 participants participated in this Symposium. The aim of the symposium was to do a reunion of all the former students, to give an opportunity to meet the old mates, to build a trust and develop strong bond between them and to do an adventurous activity.  

The first day was scheduled for the rafting with the theme of “Keep it real”. Before rafting started, the tone setting and energizer activities were done for mingling with each other and made the participants energetic for rest of the day. Then the rafting instructor briefed about the safety during the rafting session, exhibit the raft gears and taught how to use them. At the ending spot of the rafting all the participants were asked to carry the raft on which they rafted and bring them on the river bank. After that, all the participants went to the Borderlands Resort for the camping overnight. In the evening they had also enjoyed the BBQ, dance and music at the resort. On 2nd day, the mind – wellness session was held early in the morning to address the issues of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of the participants. Then the team building activities were facilitated by the Borderland’s team which encouraged them to develop bond and trust among each other.  Also the games that played by the participants were mainly focused on leadership development, communication enhancement and confidence build up.