Professional Development Program

The Borderlands Leadership Centre offers your business or organization an opportunity to focus on goals in a setting that is truly unique. We believe that a quality environment breeds quality thought. In conjunction with our adventure centre, our programs use many activities and initiatives as metaphors to help your organization focus on their goals.

These programs are fun filled and adventurous yet teach the crucial components for the success of an individual as well as an organization namely: increasing loyalty, bonding, trust, communication, retaining employees, planning, coordination, team effort and leadership. The Borderlands runs not only a selection of target specific programs i.e. trust, communications, teamwork, leadership but we also tailor a bespoke course to suit your company’s training needs.

In a modern business world, it is increasingly important to employ staffs who are able to work under pressure, meet deadlines, self-assess and keep up with the changing and challenging business community. Our courses are designed to not only test your staff’s abilities but it also teaches them how to take responsibility for their own learning, progress and development. The courses are practical and theory based and just so we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we also incorporate a sizeable dose of fun! The Borderlands PDP believes that all organizations have a specific history and distinctive culture that has evolved over many years though people may be consciously unaware of restraints that may be inherent in this culture. Exposure to a new learning environment and a fresh approach to facilitation can often highlight any inhibitions and restraints that may be slowing down the progress and the healthy growth of the organization. A quality environment breeds quality thought, and using adventure activities as metaphors, we can help you and your organization to focus on reaching your training goals.

  • Building trust.
  • Supporting cultural changes and cross-cultural interaction.
  • Facilitating conflict resolution.
  • Developing high performing teams.
  • Stress management.
  • Energizing individuals, teams and divisions.
  • Developing support mechanisms.
  • Developing problem solving skills and strategies.
  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication and listening skills.
  • Creating an environment conducive to risk-taking.
  • Appreciating the wildlife, natural and human environments of Nepal.