Our Venues

Our Venue
Currently, the majority of our programs are carried out at The Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort which is situated merely 3 hours north of Kathmandu and just 16Km south of the Tibetan border. However, programs are designed to be innovative and highly mobile, so if you prefer for a particular venue we will be happy to tailor your programs to meet your specific needs. The Borderlands training staff are adaptable and enjoy the challenge of taking training programs into new and different environments. We also carry out the programs at the Gokarna Forest Resort and other venues within the Kathmandu Valley to cater to groups who prefer to stay within the confines of the Kathmandu valley. We also offer in-house programs should your organization require us to undertake such activity. Both offer a very unique residential experience with direct access to the majestic beauty and challenging natural environment of Nepal.

Built on beautifully sculpted sprawling terraces alongside the powerful Bhote Koshi River, the Borderlands is unique and unlike any place you have been before. Thatched style safari tents, clean mountain air and tantalizing meals compliment the friendly atmosphere of this riverside resort. Apart from being a perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the diversity that the nature has to offer, you can indulge in multi-adventure tourism activities like white water rafting, abseiling, kid’s rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and trekking to name a few activities that the resort has to offer. It also allows one to be in tune with the nature and to get an insight into the lifestyle of the local people while providing all the amenities of a modern resort. The resort also gives you an opportunity to do community service as the community schools are very grateful to whatever assistance they can get.