The Borderlands welcomed 30 students and 4 teachers of American International School Dhaka to Nepal for their Discovery Week Trip on 1st March 2024. The major highlight of the trip was involvement in the process of river conservation research, river water quality data collection, leadership development and adventurous activities. 

The DW trip began with the participation in the 564th week Bagmati River Cleanup Campaign at Pashupati where they were involved in the cleaning up the river bank and also tested the different water quality parameters of the Bagmati River. They also got the chance to learn about the history and process of the cleanup campaign and did interaction with the campaigners. After finishing the cleanup, all the participants were moved towards the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Guheshwori. They visited and observed the treatment plant and understood the role of this plant in Bagmati river conservation. Then, we traveled to the Borderland Resort, Sindhupalchowk for leadership development and adventurous activities, including river conservation research and hydropower plant visit. They also took the data of river water quality from the Bhotekoshi River, a small stream joining the Bhotekoshi River and Sunkoshi River. They have visited Middle Bhotekoshi hydropower project, Chaku and Sunkoshi hydropower plants to understand how it harnesses the power of rivers to generate electricity. The components of the hydropower dam and plant were described briefly by the hydropower experts/engineers. The students also discussed the sustainable practices in hydropower generation and their impact on the environment. They were thrilled to embark on a journey during the rafting that gave them a time to explore the beauty of the river and its surroundings. At the end of the trip, a reflection session was done to reflect on the learning from the trip.

The DW trip was an incredible journey of learning, exploration and inspiration. The Borderlands team hopes they have learned about Nepal’s rivers and efforts to conserve our rivers. We wish them a successful life ahead.