On 16th Dec, 2022 Quest Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. organized a retreat program for their Strategy and operation team in which the Borderlands Leadership School facilitated Team Building Program at the premises of Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha. The objective of this team building program was to encourage the staff for accepting the changes occurred at office. The different fun filled and exciting activities from ice breakers to the problem solving activities were designed to meet their objectives.

Before starting the program, the facilitator gave the introduction of Borderlands. Then, the ice breaker and tone setting activities were delivered to understand the program objectives which helped participants relaxed and eased with each other. One of the important activities was value egg session which assists in highlighting the individual and organizational values. The participants were asked to write their values on the egg and asked to take extra care to ensure that those values were not compromised under any circumstances. All the required gears and materials were adequately provided to the participants for doing activities.

The problem solving activities like parachute, corporate maze and geodesic dome conducted during the program were vital to enhance the value, integrity, empathy, team bonding of the participants. In addition, these activities endowed the attitude and self respect and highlighted aspects of trust, communication and collaboration between the team members. Quest Pharmaceuticals team was given an opportunity to have a clear understanding of their team role while doing the activities. The team was very proactive and actively participated in all team building activities.

The program was concluded with the debriefing of highs and challenges of the program, certificate distribution, banner sign and group photo. The borderlands team was very pleasure to see their care and humbleness throughout the program.