The Reliable Nepal Life Insurance (RNLI) Limited organized the Strategic Meet for the FY
2081/082 at Aagantuk Resort, Dhulikhel from 28 th – 30 th May, 2024 with the total no. of 26
participants. On 28 th May i.e. first day of Strategic Meet, the Borderlands conducted the
workshop on Professional Development for the participants of RNLI. The CEO, Sr. AGM, Sr.
Managers, Sr. Officers, Asst Managers and officer level staff members were participated in the
workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Anil Chitrakar, Senior Corporate Facilitator with
the assistance of the Mr. Sudhan Lamsal, AI Trainer/Facilitator and Sanu Maiya Maharjan,
Program Coordinator of the Borderlands. The overall objective of the meet is to boost the team
performance through improved strategic innovation within the team. During the workshop they
have learned about the changes occurring in the market landscape, how to prepare themselves for
the change in the new market and acquired the new skills set for expected results.

The workshop was divided into three sessions. During the workshop the participants discussed
and identified the variable factors of the company and how to deal with the identified variables
and working on them to increase the organization’s sales and establish the Brand in the market.
The team building activities were also assigned throughout the day, which not only enhanced the
understanding of the emphasized topics, but also strengthened team bonding and upskilled the
leadership. At the end of the day, the action plan was made for transforming to the next level
with the strategical thinking. The facilitator recommended to the company that; to be in a no. 1
position they have to be developed strategic plan encompassing skills development, fostering
innovative thinking, refining human resource strategies, market analysis and enduring
commitment to the market success. The company need to always focus on the changeable
variables rather than constant factors, ensuring they can handle increased demand without
compromising performance or quality of services.

The Borderlands team truly honored to have experienced full participation during the training.
We firmly believe that by implementing the specific insights gained from the workshop, Reliable
team can cultivate a better work environment and enhance individual performance, ultimately
fostering stronger team cohesion.