Grade 6 – Leadership Development and Rock Climbing 

The Borderlands led the Leadership Development program on 11th and 12th March, 2024, at Shivapuri – Nagarjun National Park, as part of Lincoln School’s Grade 6 Service Nepal programs. The primary goals of Service Nepal were rock climbing and leadership development. Throughout the two days of event, there were many educational and enjoyable activities. The activities emphasized the development of communication skills, leadership, enhanced teamwork, coordination, time management, planned execution, bonding development, and confidence building. 

The Borderlands facilitators observed that the participants enjoyed the activities and gained a lot of skills that would help them in their daily work and enable them to collaborate as a team to accomplish their goals.

Grade 11 – Leadership Development, River Conservation with rafting Expedition

This year, the Service Nepal of Lincoln School Grade 11 was dedicated to the remarkable expedition that combined river conservation research and a rafting expedition on Sunkoshi River. The expedition started on 11th March and ended on 15th March, 2024. The theme of this program was River Conservation Research with a rafting expedition, leadership development activities and Cyanotype Photography. The aim of the river conservation research was to do assessment and monitoring of Sunkoshi River via onsite test kits: ENPHO kit and multi-probe meter and at laboratory. A total of 25 participants (students – 21 and teachers – 4) participated in the program. The program begun with leadership development activities, in which the Sukute School’s students also participated with the Lincoln Students. All the participants went to visit the Sukute School.  

The rafting expedition started at the Sunkoshi Beach Resort and Organic Farm, Sukute and also the collection of water quality data started at the same site. The River conservation research was conducted with the help of the Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT). Throughout the expedition, water quality data was tested onsite with water samples and macro invertebrates were collected from 10 different locations on the Sunkoshi River. The locations include take – in point of the rafting at sukute, Indrawati and Sunkoshi river a confluence at Dolalghat, Khareghat, a small stream joining the Sunkoshi River, Roshi Khola confluence, Nepalthok, Mulkot and rafting take-out point. The collected water samples and macro – invertebrates were sent to the laboratory to test the water and compare them with the drinking water quality standard and to map the river health according to the macro invertebrates found in the river during the expedition. 

This year’s service Nepal provided valuable insights into its water quality. The leadership development activities enhanced participants’ teamwork and decision-making skills. The students were aware of the process of river water quality data collection and the different types of techniques and materials/equipments for the data collection. The Service Nepal – 2024 program was successfully concluded with a debriefing session at the Bank of Sunkoshi River. Moving forward, it is crucial to continue such expeditions and initiatives to protect and preserve our rivers for the future.

Grade 12 – Leadership Development, Adventure and Photo Workshop

The Borderlands welcomed 17 students and 5 teachers of Lincoln School Nepal for their Service Nepal Week Trip on 11th to 16th March 2024. The major highlights of the trip included the photo art, leadership development and adventurous activities.

 Leaving the Kathmandu Valley and having breakfast at Sunkoshi Resort was a refreshing way to kick off the adventure. Then students traveled to the Borderland Resort, Sindhupalchowk for Service Nepal and Leadership development and adventurous activities, including photography, visual storytelling and hydropower plant visit. After arriving at Borderland Resort they were engaged in tone setting activities and team- building activities with Bachhaladevi School’s students. The 19 students of the Bachhaladevi School came to participate for activities. Briefing on photo art was given by the members of Film Foundry. The pupils were divided into six groups, and on the following days they have attended photo workshops at the Bachhaladevi School. Second, based on their favored themes, they were sent for photo collections. Once the pictures are gathered, they had selected the top 12 images from each group. The students discovered information about the local way of life, natural vegetation, cuisine, traditional attire and cultural ensembles after viewing everyone’s photos. In general, they have learned about the villager’s socioeconomic status. Following our mid-day meal with the Bachhaladevi School’s students then they returned to the resort. Students were engaged in a team-building exercise at night called ” Nightline” which involved blindfolding the students and taught them how to effectively communicated with their teammates in order to accomplish a common goal. They learned how to overcome the obstacles in order to succeed in life. Moreover, they had team -building activity such as low rope course and abseiling, which was an adventure filled with lessons. It taught them to step out of the comfort zones to discover who we are, acquire new skills and be fearless, our next adventure activity was canyoning, they learnt how to face their fears and be brave in life.  The next day, they went to Bachhaladevi School for a photo exhibition and plum program. The students played friendly volleyball match with Bachhaladevi School They have visited dam of the Middle Bhotekoshi hydropower project at Chaku to understand how it harnesses the power of rivers to generate electricity. The components of the hydropower dam and plant were described briefly by the hydropower experts/engineers. The students also discussed the sustainable practices in hydropower generation and their impact on the environment. Last day, they were ecstatic to set out on a journey during the rafting that allowed them to in the splendor of the river and its surroundings. At the end certificates were given out and a reflection session was held at the conclusion of the trip to consider the lessons learned. They had a banner signed by the teachers and students with their messages.