Grade 12 – The Borderlands Leadership School conducted the Leadership Development program during the Grade 12 Service Nepal – 2022 programs of Lincoln School from 6th Nov – 11th Nov 2022 at The Borderlands Eco – Adventure Resort. The theme of this program was service to Bachhaladevi Higher Secondary School (BHSS), half day workshop on Climate change and its impact, Nagpujai Landslide area visit, leadership development and adventurous activities. Different leadership development activities such as problem solving activities, canyoning, rafting, rock climbing, and trekking were conducted, which helped enhance the leadership, communication, coordination and team work. 

The Service program was based on the interaction session and carried out by the students of Lincoln School. The service program covered the Please Learn and Understand Menstruation (PLUM) and Boys Hygiene session for students of BHSS studied in grades 8, 9 and 11. The sessions were undertaken at the premises of BHSS. The PLUM and Boys Hygiene sessions were designed for the female and male students respectively. The Workshop on the Climate change and its impact was conducted jointly with the students of both schools. The friendly volleyball match was also played after the PLUM session at BHSS school ground. 

During the leadership development and adventurous activities, participatory and interactive methods were used. The rock climbing and dry abseiling activities were conducted at the premises of Borderland Eco – Adventure Resort while canyoning was done at spot called 95. In each activity all participants were required to engage, communicate, co-ordinate and overcome challenges. These activities pushed participants beyond their ‘comfort zone’ both emotionally and physically asking them to develop new strategies for interaction, take on the role of team member and approaches to lateral thinking. These activities helped students built up their confidence and make communication skills strong. They overcome their fear towards the height and water. 

On the last day all the participants did the rafting on Sunkoshi River. The rafting was also done as leadership development activities. It was done as a team work and also enhances the team coordination and communication. The final debriefing session was carried out after the rafting and then certificate was distributed to the students. At last the banner was signed and group photo was also taken. 

Grade 10 – From 7th to 11th Nov, 2022 the Service Nepal – 2022 program was organized by Lincoln School in which The Borderlands Leadership School conducted the Leadership Development program. The program was focused on local community, sustainable waste management of school, village and Manakamana temple. Various activities and initiatives were used during the course of the Service Nepal program including trekking collaboration with local students, interaction with local community people and history of Shah Dynasty. The program was lead by Mr. Vimal Thapa, Director of Himalaya. 

From day 1 to day 4, the students along with all the teachers and borderlands team hiked the predefined trail to the campsite. The Hike was started from the Thewatar on 1st day. During the hiking, the participants were observed the beautiful sceneries, community Forest and livelihoods of the community people. The learning and sharing session between the students of Lincoln School and 2 community school (Sinjali Secondary School, Taklung and Jaldevi Seconadary School, Tinmane Bhanjyang) on 2nd day and 3rd day respectively. The students were also played volleyball at the school premises. Likewise on 3rd day, the history of Manakamana temple, Bakreshwori temple and Siddha Lakhan cave were shared by the local expert. On 4th day, the Gorkha palace was visited by all the students, teachers and borderlands facilitators. The local expert, Mr. Hari Bhushal, explained the history of the Gorkha Palace. The energizer activities were conducted every morning.  On last day the program was wrapped up by certificate distribution, banner sign and photo session. All the participants already packed their bags and then we were heading towards the Kathmandu. 

Grade 6 – The Borderlands Leadership School conducted the Leadership Development program during the Grade 6 Service Nepal – 2022 programs of Lincoln School on 7th Nov & 8th Nov 2022 at Shivapuri – Nagarjun National Park. The Service Nepal was mainly focused on Rock Climbing and Leadership Development program. Various learning with fun activities was included during the 2 days program. Rock climbing as well as other activities were focused on the communication buildup, leadership, improve team work, trust, coordination, delegation, time management, execution of planning, develop bonding, and building confidence.   

Speaking to the participants, during and after the program, the Borderlands facilitators found out that they enjoyed the program and learnt a lot of skills that would be applicable in their day-to-day work and assist them to collectively work together as a team to achieve their objectives.