On 17 th and 18 th Sep, 2022, the Borderland Leadership School runs a Leadership Development Program for Water Stars of World Bank at Hotel Mystic Mountain, Nagarkot. The aim of this program was to introduce the Water Stars came from different countries and interconnect each other. The Borderlands designed different activities focused on the personal strength, team communication and coordination.

The senior instructor and motivational speaker, Mr. Anil Chitrakar, give a brief description
about 2 day’s leadership development program to participants. After briefing the program
various problem-solving activities were given to participants with required gear and tools. The
given activities emphasize the communication and coordination between each other at work
place. The motivational speech deliberated by Mr. Chitrakar, strengthen the performance of
participants, team spirit and give effective results at work.

The 2 days leadership development program was considered a great experienced for
participants of World Bank. Through the conducted activities, participants can knew how to
response the opportunities, manage conflict between team and follow the team protocol.