On May 26-27, 2022, The Borderlands Leadership School facilitated a Professional Development Program to World Bank Group of 114 participants for Nepal Country Team Learning Event held at Gokarna Forest Resort.

Through highly interactive sessions, Mr. Megh Ale and trained facilitators encouraged participants to develop new ways of approaches and perspectives for communicating and leading with confidence. Using proven techniques, the participants had the opportunity to practice, discuss and reflect on learning experience in a safe environment. 

During the activities, the Borderlands team followed a curriculum tailored to enhance their professional development, knowledge base and experiences, including session with Mr. Anil Chitrakar. Nepal Country Team were given the opportunity to learn more about the team work, diversity, importance of effective communications, accountability, deliberate coordination, their role and responsibilities in profession, while enhancing their personal leadership skills.

A wide range of outdoor based activities helped participants to share ideas and demonstration of their own unique abilities and to network with other participants from World Bank Group.