The Borderland Leadership School conducted 1 day Team Building Program for Dolma Advisory Pvt. Ltd. at Meghauli Serai, Chitwan on 6th Sep, 2022. The objective of this program was solely a team building program that helps to develop the learning capacity and increase their efficiency of work. Thus, program was designed to meet their objective which helps participants to develop their professional strengths and can work efficiently.  

Initially, Course Director and Senior Instructor, Mr. Megh Ale briefed about the program. He talked about the importance of team building program for a person and how it helps in personal and professional life. He also delivered that, to get success in a workplace a person should come out of his/her comfort zone. 

After briefing the program various problem-solving activities that focused on communication, trust, coordination, and collaboration were given to participants. To do such activities, the required gear and tools were also provided. Throughout the program, participants gained greater insights into new ideas and approaches. The conducted activities will help to build their communication skills as well as learning capacity and efficiency of work. 

The 1 day program was wrapped up with highs and challenges of activities. The participants also shared how they will be going to apply the learning at their organization from today onwards.