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“Talents wins Games but Teamwork and Intelligence wins Championship”. A two days memorable journey in Leadership Development Program with the Mid-Valley International College: School of Hospitality Management located in Gyaneshwor.

The students along with the college staff members participated in the Leadership Development Program and set an exceptional example of team work and intelligence.
The program kicked off with arrival at the venue followed with safety briefing and tent allocation. The program included Ice-breakers, Energizers, Tone settings and team building activities. Activities selected and performed by the students were with the focus on development of trust, communication and team building in totality spearheaded towards understanding and building up leadership qualities among the students.
First day activities concluded with nightline followed with dinner and discussion about the highs and challenges of the day.
Next day the program started with last days debrief, review and recap. The students also shared their learning experience. The programme ended with distribution of certificates, banner signing and group photo.

borderlands team building
“It was awesome.”
Reetal Rana, Principal
Mid-Valley International College: School of Hospitality Management

“Money we spend for this program was worth it.”
Students of Mid-Valley International College
School of Hospitality Management.

Author: Sushant Sen Thakuri